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According to several codices there are three types of people [one codex uses the word “phoenix” instead of dirt-man] in the world, until the end of the world [age].  Their circumstances are compared to the three kinds of wing-creatures of pardeç.  According to one treatise, these beings consist of a body originating from darkness and fire; a néphesh (“soul”) brought forth through the defilement of the winds and the demons; a particle of Mind (rescued by Spirit) and to whom our Savior granted a Light called  ‘Trust’ (“pistis/faith”) and Thought produced by the astonishment of the Spirit.   The Greek word EKSTASIS from which comes "ecstasy" being out of one's self literally, and misinterpreted by scholars as being crazy, astonished, out of sorts.  The Mind transports out of one's self literally to result in the Thought, the response given from the inquiry of the Mind to Yahweh Yahuwshua, Who gives freely from the treasures of knowledge and Wisdom.   So, Thought is a result of the astonishment of the Mind.  The combinations of these four constituents defines three classes of people: psychics (material people), which we have termed “Type C”.  


These (Type C) are ruled by the néphesh “soul” and belong to darkness – they have body and soul; noetics (mental people), which we have termed “Type B”, who are ruled by the Mind and belong to Trust (“faith”) – they have a body, néphesh, and mind) and pneumatics (spiritual people), which we have termed “Type A”, who are ruled by Thought and belong to Spirit – they have a body, soul, mind and thought).  In the chart below we share what we have noted after learning about these three types of characters in LXX decoded scriptures and the books of Baruch and our personal impressions with identifying their components accordingly with the codices and LXX decoded scriptures.

Type Bs also belong to the Son, Yâhuwshúa`, Who paid for it, are a broad category including middle Yisrâ’ë´l outside Him, and Yisrâ’ë´l outside.  Some eat from the tree/cross being B1s, some do not, being B2s.  The B2 ones ‘from out of the slaughter-Offering’ (mizbeach) are the altar, for slaughtering the B1s.

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Him against the material universe ( (en)All the ones entering into the cosmos (material universe), resembling a drop originating from the Light, are sent out/forth withinsabaoth of “the hosts”, a demon) in order that the same ones may be guarded/protected within (en) Him (the Same One)