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What the true Marriage is

The true original eternal Marriage is a spiritual one, between each person’s néphesh (f.) and her true Husband, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, in the Form of her corresponding Envoy-Twin emanation of the Son. The true Wife of the Husband is Wisdom, and She adheres herself to each new son and functions to keep the Union together.

This Union is the reunion of the dual nature of each one of the finite perfect number, A-Z, in the Mind of our Father, who existed before the darkness happened. When reunited, each person is indeed an individual, a term whose meaning applies to the reunited Unions. When we refer to this Marriage, we will capitalize the M.

The Abandonment, The Fall, and the Descent

But soon after the darkness happened, the lowest tenth of the number were the first to abandon their stations and their Envoy emanations of the Son, to bind themselves to follow the adversary. And then together with those, the adversary deceived and/or dragged down the middle, the majority of the number, who then had to be defrocked of their Garment and were separated from their Envoy of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa. Thus, were the npheshóth (f.) separated from their corresponding Envoy-Twin emanations of the Son, and both of these fell into the darkness, lost their standing in His sight. And ever since then, each person’s néphesh (f.) has been seeking reunion with her true Husband, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, with the Form of her corresponding Envoy-Twin emanation of the Son.

The middle group and the group underneath of the perfect finite number fell. The group above (we underline these for easier identification) did not fall from the Light. Those were the last to descend, down into the darkness, doing so voluntarily, at the time our Savior Yâhuwshúa` descended to incarnate as One of our brothers. He is thus called The Descender (Yardë´n), a term that evolved linguistically to “Jordan”. The group above, who were the most loyal, voluntarily gave their Garments to Him, became unpaired to the Envoy-Twins which accompanied them, then descended in a controlled fashion not falling.


They became the crowds following Yâhuwshúa` around, then unable to understand higher knowledge, so He spoke to them in parables. How do we know those crowds were not regular middle yisrâ’ë´l? Because scripture codices say that ALL the middle, during the time of Yâhuwshúa`, except for ones He personally specified, e.g., Miryâ´m and Yâhuwçë´ph, were being held captive not recycling in sh’ówl by the adversary, a captivity He later freed when He descended into sh’ówl. Therefore except for these, everybody on the surface were the sâțâ´nist widow of yisrâ’ë´l underneath, a sâțâ´nist utopia, a very dark world indeed for His advent. Even the priests, the children of the Most High of yisrâ’ë´l above were down in the darkness, dissociated, which never had happened before. The adversary got cocky thinking his victory was at hand. At that point, only Yâhuwshúa`’s néphesh was still paired with His Father in the Union.

The return of the Marriage Union

Christians are aware that our Savior did accomplish all His Work He came down to do, having given up the biological life of His dirt-body, to overcome all the authority of the adversary. Most of them may not know that His Work on the cross was for the Purchase of the legal right to first Redeem (purchase) the ones above who volunteered, after His own resurrection, secondly Ransom from death the middle ones who fell, at the Separation (“Judgment”), and third to Rescue the last ones underneath, at the End.

Apparently Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` loves palindromes. He came at the middle of the 7000 years of time He granted for the darkness to be present. Up until that time, the true original cosmos of the Light from before the darkness happened, was descending into the darkness and dissociating from the Marriage. Yâhuwshúa` Himself descended voluntarily, being the First to be born back into the Marriage Union, and starting the return, back into the Light, of everyone else of His finite perfect number.

The redemption (purchase) of the ones above who volunteered, the crowds that followed Him, He did after His own resurrection. These, the last ones down into the darkness, became the first ones back into the Light. These were called by name, they each in turn acknowledged Him, and all these 144,000 came to exist, overcoming the demon as yisrâ’ë´l (one overcoming the demon). And by acknowledging Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, these children of the Most High became Married to Him by becoming paired in the eternal Union with their Envoy-Twin emanation of the Son, and Wisdom adhered to each of these newly recovered sons.

These brothers, in the true Marriage that is described in original scriptures, guarded each of their Marriage Chambers from intruders like evil spirits infiltrating or any demons. And these received the ‘download’ of the treasures of Wisdom and knowledge, like Páulus on the road to Dammâ´seq, and were the ones (m.) who wrote the post-advent scriptures (“New Testament”), inspired directly from being sons of the Most High, the early first-generation convocation (“primitive church”), who were all exterminated by the sâțâ´nists, which is the way those always left the middle physically dying. But they then reentered into the Light, being phœnix winged-creatures in the spiritual image of the Son, not being apprehended by the demons as those who are unclad without the Garment. Then these continued to recycle out into this world, among the ones of the middle, to be the salt of the Land, until the time should come for their next mission, to help the middle sister during the time of the Separation (“Judgment”), as the 144,000 Witnesses.

What Christians are being taught about the TRUE Marriage

Christians are mostly unaware of the history given above, as being true. The many clues they could have heard of, they are told is mere mythology. Stories which get bent to serve the adversary, so they, who are built to reject the adversary if they recognize who he is, will reject the legends which were originally about the ones (m.) above, who have been in this Marriage. Also, Christians have learned some concepts vaguely, from sâțâ´nists in the film industry who have contributed their misinterpretations of higher knowledge as “drips” of information, thinking to avoid the adversary’s retaliation for their part in his conspiracy.

But some true facts did make it through into Christian doctrine:

-That there is a Marriage, that His convocation is the bride, and He is the Husband.

-That the Marriage supper of the Lamb is at the end of this coming season of “Judgment” (Separation).

-That at the critical time, Christians will still be misled to the impostor, though those caring about the Jews will try to dissuade them from following that impostor. Blessings are pronounced for those managing to recover some of the non-sâțâ´nist middle who may be among them.

-That there are 144,000 spiritual virgins who have the name of the Father and Son in their foreheads, 12,000 from each of 12 tribes but not of Dân. They did not make the association that these are the Witnesses.


What Christians are being taught about the carnal marriage.

What Christians are being taught about the carnal marriage:

The scriptures which are reckoned by Christians as their rulebook about carnal marriage are actually altered by sâțâ´nic scribal shorthand which was used by sâțâ´nist jews to abbreviate scriptures and lighten the workload of copying them. This abbreviated scripture mostly kept its legibility though its meaning was altered to materialistic and sâțâ´nic meanings. This coding was used for all canonical scriptures, and all the sâțâ´nist establishment-approved Bible translations are translated from these abbreviated scriptures.

Thus, the Bibles in the hands of Christians have the scriptures which originally spoke of the true spiritual Marriage changed in their meanings, materially, to appear to set rules for material marriage. In view of this, a true believer in Him benefits from not being dogmatic about the mistaken messages found in unreliable scripture versions. There are many such scriptures, well known to Christian scholars but we strongly recommend to write down their scripture references, and see them in the FPS restored translation, as we have decoded most of them already and found what we are saying to be true. They are too many to quote here.

The misapplied altered scriptures about the true Marriage, though heinous, at least served to civilize the carnal marriage for those for whom it is permitted, the calf-like beast of the farm/field, the second spiritual animal of the four, of yisrâ’ë´l, who are the non-sâțâ´nist Christians of the Day vessel of middle yisrâ’ë´l. Before Christianity, carnal marriage at best was regimented according to the rules which the adversary gave Moshéh, and downhill from there among other people of this world.

Higher Knowledge

As you see, there exists two schools of thought we have described: one being revealed to the ones within Him, believing in His dual-names Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. He spoke privately to His pupils, clearly, giving them all the secret-operations (mysteries) of the eternal realms of Light, and the true history of this cosmos. He did not speak these things to the masses following Him, because they, being temporarily separated from their Envoy-Twins, were not equipped to handle that higher knowledge, so He spoke to them in parables.

The other school of thought is being taught to the non-sâțâ´nist Christians by their misleaders, “Jezebel”, infiltrated sâțâ´nists, who in their typical ambitious style, invented many non-scriptural positions of leadership among the convocation and manned them with their own. The doctrines they fed their flock of sheep are whitewashed sâțâ´nism, designed for the consumption of non-sâțâ´nists who cannot handle the truth which they have not been told, because those are from the middle yisrâ’ë´l, not from yisrâ’ë´l above. The npheshóth (f.) of the ones of the middle remain separated from their envoy-twins, since their fall (we do not capitalize them as they are fallen). The envoy-twin of each néphesh (f.) is the part of the person which could retain His true names, if it were not fallen. Then that person, the individual, could be completely informed.

Therefore, having the ability or inability to believe and profess His dual-names and accept the higher knowledge is one way to know if a person is of yisrâ’ë´l above, or middle.

The true Marriage is only possible once one is existing within Him as one having overcome the demon (yisrâ’ë´l). Everyone A-Z of the perfect finite number in the Mind of our Father will do this, but at different scheduled times. Presently, only the ones (m.) within Him with the testimony of His dual-names Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` have this Marriage, and it behooves these to guard it and develop it. These were called during their lifetime with Yâhuwshúa` after His resurrection. If you are one of these, in order to have His testimony acknowledging Him, you were already called but you will need to be ‘activated’. The memory of His names is engraved in the character of the néphesh of these ones, and these will have a beautiful spiritual aroma to them, whereas to the ones outside they will reek of doom.

"Know (or examine) yourself"

Yâhuwshúa` says:

    "Know how what (Yâhuwshúa`s Resurrection made The Way of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`  - a way out of the cosmos of darkness) has departed came to be, in order that you may know how to discern what lives to become: of what appearance that aeon (Eternal One) is, or what kind it is, or how it will come to be. Why do you not ask what kind (form from above, the Light) you will become, (or) rather how (from which source) you came to be?" - The Concept of our Great Power"

    "..examine yourself, and learn who you are, in what way you exist, and how you will come to be.” - the Book of Thomas the Contender

Many scholars, misunderstanding Yâhuwshúa`, misinterpreted His response above to Tâ’ówm ("Thomas"), saying He was discussing cosmic origins as in Fred Hoyle's hypothesis the "Big Bang" theory. Yâhuwshúa` looks down at these questions about the beginning of time. Although He does answer them elsewhere in the story, His first response is to redirect the pupils' attention about the things of the Light, which He highly regards, and for them to ask questions of higher knowledge instead. Because all academic information and curriculum taught in the material chaos institutions are deemed lower knowledge, reaching only the heights of archons (not their maker).

This well-known ‘gnostic’ (higher knowledge) statement means to understand where you are categorized in the cosmos of the Light, by understanding the composition of your person, and the origin of each part. By knowing yourself, you can better yourself within your capabilities and strive to ‘be the best you can be’. Understand, however, that the category one is in, was assessed by Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` before the darkness happened, Him knowing what was inside us, so although one might temporarily displace, no one changes category permanently.

Knowing yourself: Our components from the Light

The néphesh (f.) is a Hebrew word meaning “insufflation”, which is the way Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` made each one of His. The common term used to express it is “soul”, however that word comes from sh’ówl (the underworld) which does not mean the same, thus we use the Hebrew term, for lack of a recognizable English term.


Inspired scriptures categorize the people of this earth basing it on every individual component within their composition; see this classification composition chart to know more.

Gender definitions

Each person from the number has a néphesh (f.) from Him wherein is one’s identity. Every néphesh is spiritually female, meaning it receives orders and produces. A néphesh from the Light is designed to heed what her male Envoy-Twin emanation from the Son, says. But when this néphesh is unpaired (haploid), she remains female, and other unrelated males can intrude and give spurious instructions, namely demons, which are male. When a néphesh (f.) is paired (diploid/braided) with her Envoy-Twin, the Married Union is reckoned male, spiritually.

This explains why the biological gender of dirt-bodies has no bearing on the spiritual gender of the person. An unpaired female néphesh may be biologically male, and a paired male Married Union individual may be biologically female. And scripturally, such a biological male would be a “sister”, and such a biological female would be a “brother”. Similarly, bloodlines and race of dirt-bodies also have no bearing on the spiritual identity of the person. The DNA of the dirt-body provided to a néphesh by the demons has no spiritual relevance.


The term Envoy-Twin is called a twin because It was originally paired with that specific néphesh (f.) at the true creation of the cosmos of Light by the Most High. The term “envoy” is in the best English translation for the Greek term aggelos translating the Hebrew term mal`akh, which mean a messenger and a delegated representative. The common term in use for it is “angel," which is a transliteration of the Greek term, which as a foreign neologism, was redefined by the establishment according to their tastes. The Envoy-Twins always see the Face of our Father, and can transmit to us their sight, speech, hearing, and other gifts, at His will, so it behooves us to align our members to Him for best reception. The Envoy also retains the memory of the person’s lifetimes, and the memory of His names if He has not fallen. The Envoy provides the “common sense” and transmits the prayers to the Most High in the form of Light emissions in song, which travel unhindered by the darkness to Him. The Envoy also holds in storage the true immortal incorruptible body made for us by the Most High.

Knowing yourself: the components from darkness

Contrary to common Bible knowledge, the dirt-body (“hu-man” means serpent-man) was made by the adversary plus 365 of his loyalist demons, following the debacle to his house which divided it, the display of the First ’Âthâ´m, as Yâhuwshúa` displayed Himself to the demons of the imitation cosmos of the darkness, its original “old world order”. They manufactured it with the intentions of making it a “Trojan horse” to infest and sneak into the realm of the Light as stowaways, optimizing it for demonic infestation through various spiritual portals commonly known as “chakras”.


The flesh of the dirt-body has its own néphesh (f.) (insufflation) from the adversary, not to be confused with the one (f.) from the Light which is our identity. This néphesh of the flesh is called “the fiery one” in codices, and pretends to be us speaking in the first person for the unwitting person to not know it is not from oneself. It makes known the needs and desires of the flesh, as everything from the adversary is motivated by lack. Appetites, discomforts, libido, cravings, and desires come from it. It also provides the carnal senses, so when it is removed from the Witnesses at the Sixth Seal, the view of this cosmos’s greater luminary orb will be black as sackcloth, since it has no true Light.


The fiery one (f.) takes its suggestions from male demons around her, making room for more to invade if the person accedes. Yâhuwshúa` booted out the fiery one from the dirt-body He inhabited, during His infancy, not being weakened as the npheshóth (f.) of normal people are at that age. When the 144,000 of yisrâ’ë´l have their fiery ones (f.) removed, they will be Pure Ones, manifesting Yâhuwshúa` within themselves visibly to the sisters of middle yisrâ’ë´l. In the meantime, as Páulus said, we mortify its deeds of the flesh, and to do that, we have to identify it is a stowaway, not part of us.

Who is truly living? Spiritual reproduction vs. Reproduction of the bodies

Eternal and perfect things are of the Most High, temporary corruptible things are of this cosmos and its creator, the adversary. This is why the néphesh of the Light is immortal and continues even past the lifetimes of each dirt-body. A “néphesh that dies” refers to their dirt-body dying, not the néphesh – for those to whom it may concern from misleading Christian denominations teaching otherwise.

True Life is His Presence, not biological life. This is why any person pruned from Him or goat that never had Him is reckoned spiritually dead, a cadaver in Hebrew is the source of the term gowyím, which we translate as “heathen masses”. But someone who does not have Him absent, whenever biologically deceased, is termed “sleeping”. Thus, to give Life in Truth is spiritual reproduction, but to biologically reproduce is irrelevant to Life, only recycling a néphesh that already is of the Light, or not if it is a goat.

But the problem which each unpaired (haploid) person’s parts has, is that neither a lone néphesh nor a lone envoy can reenter into the Light until and unless they are paired (diploid/braided) in the Marriage Union. Even Wisdom, who made the error, the misconception of the adversary, is stuck here in the realm of darkness, separated apart of Her Consort, and is reckoned female. And Yâhuwshúa` predicted She would be made Male, to be the Z, the final One to come to exist of the perfect finite number of the ones (m.) of Yâ-hwéh Who causes to exist. She is the last sheep to be rescued, after the proverbial 99 others.

This problem is the reason Yâhuwshúa` created The Way out of the darkness to return to our Father in the Light. The Way to come to exist of Him and overcome the demon holding the lights hostage, is to reenter into the Light. Spiritual reproduction. All Christians understand that from The One, our Savior, all His ones will be saved (no demons or goats). He is the Head of all of yisrâ’ë´l, bringing into existence all the ones overcoming the demon, which He Alone permitted all of His finite perfect number to accomplish, speaking in past tense although it is seen from outside of time to include the local future. This also confirms His position as the Most High.

The current mission of all the 144,000 of yisrâ’ë´l above who will manifest Him in this lifetime, is to assist the middle sister of yisrâ’ë´l, equipping her in sh’ówl to acquire the standing in the middle (anastasis), to stand in His sight (not be fallen), even to come to exist professing the true dual-names they are currently impeded from being able to retain.


In order to descend down there to sh’ówl to help her, it is necessary for these 144,000 to be killed, just as Yâhuwshúa` was, and did, which is why He sent these ones (m.), and gives these up for her, as an act of His Affectionate Love, a Benevolence. The conversion done in sh’ówl is only possible for these ones who have already overcome the adversary and all the powers of darkness, brothers going down as Light-shining winged-creatures in the image of our Savior’s original Form, being individuals paired/braided with Him in the Marriage Union; and these will thus spiritually reproduce manyfold more than themselves, causing to exist all but the 1/10 who are the sâțâ´nist widow of yisrâ’ë´l left behind as a forsaken remnant. This is much more numerous and powerful than carnal reproduction, which fails and dries up, and already is starting to do so, with the mass sterilization of the middle being done by various means by the sâțâ´nists. The final drying up of this for the middle is the drying up of the “Euphrates” mentioned in Disclosure (Revelation), because “Euphrates” in Hebrew, with the coding omission restored, is “the fertility of ill-will”.

The blunt truth about carnal sexual reproduction

Sexual reproduction is for the express purpose of reproducing the temporary dirt-body vehicles into which the adversary literally buries our npheshóth as it is written. They are like temporary fragile bumper-cars with expiration dates, only meant to go through the motions of giving the middle outside of Him another chance to go find the Password, the names of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, which these are still incapable of retaining. Of course, the demons would have no use for it except to be forced to release them from their custody, but there’s no danger of that. So, they continue to recycle without being able to learn them while in the spiritual blindness of the flesh. But just in case they might learn something, all these are made to drink of the cup of forgetfulness before recycling.

Sexual reproduction is mediated and managed by archons (demon rulers), and the negotiations and interfacing of two persons of opposite biological genders to reproduce sexually is called “rubbing archons” in codices. The field of labor producing these dirt-bodies is called the farm of the adversary. The reason middle Christians outside Him are permitted to labor in the farm of the adversary making more dirt-bodies is because they are not in the Marriage Chamber, and are already under the authority of the adversary and his pyramid new world order, and it serves to keep the numbers of Christianity numerous, for the appearance that His people are not withered, as it is written.


But the ones in the Marriage Chamber strive to keep it sealed to prevent the Spirit from being displaced by evil spirits, so they will not participate in “rubbing archons” nor continue to work on the farm of the adversary once activated, as they are progressively freed from the pyramid. Therefore, the “monks” and the “nuns” are imitations of these priests of the order of Malkëy-Tsétheq (the royals of the Correctness), who they attempt to imitate in sexual abstinence. This particular doctrine, that the true Marriage liberates us from all the bindings of this material imitation cosmos, including freeing us from material carnal marriages, caused much of the wrath and riots of males in the path of Páulus, as their material wives were liberated from their farming labor reproducing dirt-bodies. This is hidden in the coded scriptures by the sâțâ´nists, to remove this doctrine from the middle flock they were able to steer after depriving them of His names. They wanted the flock exalting them to grow to massive numbers. But it is still quite visible in noncanonical codices, as well as canon scriptures when decoded.

Guardians of the Marriage Chamber

Since all the ones outside, who are called “potential spaces” in the middle and underneath vessel-categories of yisrâ’ë´l’s finite perfect number, are currently outside of Him, they are not yet inside the Marriage Chamber. When the middle enters into the Marriage Chamber, is in sh’ówl where they will be already outside of the dirt-body, and they come to exist inside their perfect eternal incorruptible bodies, so they will not have had any problem with the dirt-body when they enter the Marriage Chamber.

Therefore, the issue of Guarding the Marriage Chamber is for the ones (m.) who have come to exist of yisrâ’ë´l during their biological lives, the ones of yisrâ’ë´l above, the winged-creatures of the principality. These have the challenge to keep the Union and guard the Marriage Chamber from intruders. These things are described in the part speaking of the “seal” in the Glad Tidings of the Truth written by Tâ’ówm, and the Glad Tidings of Phílippos vv. 64-66, but this quote from Yâhuwshúa` from MattithYâ´huw 19:12, restored, explains this superbly, and it is best understood in its context from the beginning of that chapter:

MattithYahuw MP scriptref.png

 This is why only the ones (m.) of the same one (m.) of the Son are these guardians of the Marriage Chamber. See here He also calls them royalty, and relates them to the dual-names. Here is a scripture showing how these same ones (m.) are described in the mission given to these to teach the middle sister in sh’ówl, from the Glad Tidings of Phílippos:

We can cite numerous references from codices, noncanonical, and restored canonical scriptures, on which we based all the above information about these ones being the guardians of the Marriage Chamber, which we could provide on request, but we particularly recommend also FPS restored 5 Moshéh (“Deuteronomy”) 7: 1-3, for its uniqueness, since Moshéh of the middle, is giving instructions others outside about these ones from above, to expect them to be born among them after their wandering, and what they are to do and not do to these ones. Verse 3 even says they are not to marry to these ones, only to other middle ones.

Love? Which one? Eros vs. Agape

This question repeatedly emerges among the sâțâ´nist song-industry, because sâțâ´nists train themselves to dismiss caring, to more resemble their insane god doing evil without compunctions. So, to also mislead the middle down their dark path they first blur the definition of love among the sheep. Whereas the ancient Greek language had many words (5) for different varieties of love, in order to express them in English one must add adjectives or change the word. But Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` demonstrates what Love is, first by His giving up His biological life to save all of His finite perfect number, successfully, and second, by the lesser-known act of benevolence of Him sending all His children, the 144,000 of yisrâ’ë´l above, the royals who are His place of repose, down into the world to equip, recover, and gather the non-sâțâ´nists of middle yisrâ’ë´l into the Light. This kind of affectionate Love, agape in Greek, comes only from our Father. It is famously described in 1 Qorinthíym 13: 4-8. Affectionate Love is based on ones will, is considerate, generous, forgiving, selfless, and is given freely and is truly eternal. That is why the sâțâ´nists in trying to deny their ancient origin, try to remove it from themselves.

The sâțâ´nist song-industry promoting the farm of the adversary has long used “love” as their code word to substitute a well-known other four-letter word referring to sexual intercourse. It is obvious to whoever restores that word in place of “love” in their song lyrics. The Greek word for that is eros, from which comes the adjective “erotic”. But this “love” is not affectionate Love at all, it is desire, its origin is from the adversary, and like everything his, it is based on deficiency and lack, not on fullness and peace.

The blending blurring bad mix of love with desire

The carnal marriage institution of sâțâ´n, which his establishment altered and adopted scriptures about the true Marriage to gentrify it by giving it civilized rules, nonetheless continues to be a ‘mission impossible’, with demons working against the couples to fail, trying to maximize sexual reproduction which was their priority, because demons do not care about fidelity or compassion. They only want to corrupt and kill people Carnal marriage is not based on affectionate Love agape; it is based on eros, which is selfish, jealous (envious), and hedonistic. It has no scruples, rules, or compassion and prefers variety to loyalty or caring. In fact, Christians have to be brainwashed to do better than average with it, being told that carnal marriage is about affectionate Love, and the big lie that eros is the “culmination of love”.


A fifty-year marriage is one that was able to overcome many infidelities, because look, eros was designed for the farm of the adversary, to promote uncontrolled biological reproduction unscrupulously. And by being temporary and corrupt, carnal marriage and eros resembles its maker sâțâ´n. Look at this corruption: many see affectionate love as a means to obtain their selfish need for eros, and many others see eros as a means to obtain their selfish need for material wealth and support. But among the middle outside Him, the more affectionate Love is mixed into their marriages, the more it seems correct to them, but the best biological mothers of the middle may be the ones designated to be the mother (without Wisdom), those from whom the chosen ones are birthed (FPS restored 1 Moshéh 3:20).

However, in the present change of agenda of the sâțâ´nists in these end times, they updated their emphasis to thoroughly corrupt the middle, murder them, and try to make them be appear forsaken, so they disparage their carnal marriage institution, and promote raw eros and any sexuality except reproductive, which does cause some traditional Christians to try to defend it. Their time will sneak up on them while still marrying and giving in marriage, as in the time of Nóach. 

But if you are one of the ones (m.) in the True Marriage, it is best to become a Guardian of the Marriage Chamber, keep your seal and maintain your Fullness, and avoid continuing to be “rubbing archons”. Realize these facts and build your defenses, to preserve your Union, Fullness, and alignment with Him.

Being "in love"

They say, “how can something that feels so right be wrong?” Some will feel compelled to refuse any logic or reason on the basis of “being in love”. Is this of our Father? Being “in love” (being infatuated) with any person here on earth is eros-based, so step away to examine it objectively:

It is to be immersed in desire for a fictitious personal illusion of sheer ideal perfection you are given about yet another hostage flawed and erring néphesh, who thus never can fulfill the perfection fantasy. And while unfulfilled, the desire only increases, so it functions as a whip, a cattleprod to goad the bull to go mount the cow, and it is painful. Is real true (affectionate) Love supposed to be painful? No. 

The infatuation cattle-prod of lack, therefore, perpetuates while the subject “in love” has not yet achieved the archon-farm goal of tying these two together sexually, for the farming business. If unsuccessful it can become stalking, and worse complications. But when the subject “in love” gets the true view of the imperfections of the target néphesh, the disappointment can be terrible – more pain. And with pride that causes revenge. How can this be of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`? Only if there’s any affectionate Love involved will this one stay, which is why they “love them and leave them”. Therefore being “in love” is the eros cattle-prod of the adversary, and reflects this one too.

The short-lived brief bait of overlording sex supplied by archons is infinitely not worth substituting for the communion with Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` in the true marriage chamber, yet carnal mobs rioted against ones teaching it to free the ones from them. But this “in love” infatuation prod is also stolen from a proper use. The only One we can and should be “in love” with is Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. We long for Him and we desire Him, for His Presence and His Light and His Kindness and His Comfort, Wisdom, Consideration, Guidance, Reassurance, because simply being with Him is our joy, true happiness. This desire is more noticeable to those made aware of this need while stuck down here in this material universe among the alien-infested ones seething in darkness. But this infatuation will NEVER be disappointed: He is greater than any ideation we can imagine for Him, He will never disappoint by being less, and He will never fail any of us who have retained Him by acknowledgment!

Is masturbation OK?

Sexual demands of the fiery one within the flesh need to be mortified, to diminish and stop the works of the flesh. The best method to avoid being perpetually attacked this way by a fiery one who is aware you know it is not you, is to make your walk be a sensory-deprivation chamber for it. Put it to sleep by not teasing it, titillating its interest, or providing it opportunities which pique its interests. The book of Siluanús in the FPS download describes well how to keep them out by spiritually having city walls, defense strategies from Wisdom, and true knowledge. It is good to be desensitized so nothing will faze you, so your peace may be preserved.

Although the benefit of masturbation is to reset the egg timer of carnal libido to be able to alone reset your Mind straight, while not corrupting anyone else, realize that it is still rubbing with archons, which are alien to you and have absolutely no regard for Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. So, learn progressively how to shut that portal of demonic accessibility. Not corrupting others is also quite important because the ones in the Marriage Chamber are here to help the middle, not to mislead it into spiritual adultery (decoded FPS MattithYâ´huw 19: 8-9), and affectionate Love will lead one (m.) to not corrupt another one’s Marriage Chamber.

"The last shall be first, and the first shall be last. The first, they who were created before us, therefore, are the invisibles, for they were created before men,  who shall receive the mystery shall be with them in the region of the [highest] heavens.” – The Books of the Savior ( AKA“Pistis Sophia”)

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