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       On Recycling

Most traditional Christian doctrines believe in a resurrection of one’s néphesh (“soul”) into a new and different kind of body of pure flesh, a new body made possible by our Savior (Yâhuwshúa`), because it’s described and explained in Qorinthíym (“Corinthians”). But the question of whether a néphesh (“soul”) ever returns to live more lifetimes in a different body of the same kind of corruptible flesh is one being denied by most traditional Christian doctrines, although a few approved examples remain in the establishment’s teachings, for example that of the son of ’avadówn (“son of perdition”) being both Yehuwthâ´h (“judas”) and the coming impostor-savior “antichrist”, and the mention that Yâhuwchânâ´n the Immerser (“john the baptist”) is ’EliyYâ´huw.  We are calling this returning in a different body of the same kind of corruptible flesh, “recycling” of the néphesh (“soul”).

But beyond these examples, most Christians do not include the recycling of the néphesh (“soul”) into different bodies of the same kind of corruptible flesh in their belief-set. Why not? Most, simply because of lack of information, some due to trust in their teachers who repeatedly allege this lifetime to be their only chance and possibility to join their flocks, and few due to having read the establishment’s approved canons of scriptures they translated in a way to support their accepted doctrines, and trusting those.

Yet religions outside Christianity report recycling and numerous personal experience testimonials report recycling, and historians report recycling to have been part of early Christian doctrine also. How is this topic important? Why is it vital for us to know this happens?  And how can we find the evidence that has been covered up within the inspired scriptures? This webpage will answer these questions.

The Recycling/Returning (Anastrepho) –AKA “Reincarnation” of the Néphesh

One new age prosperity priestess, Oprah Winfrey, posed a curious question to the audience on her TV show, which aired sometime in the 1990s (Roman calendar), which we stumbled across in a recent year, which publicly displayed some of the consequences of ignorance about recycling, that provoked this article. 

Oprah’s chosen panel was contrasted by a Christian audience that struggled, trying to defend against Oprah’s intellectualized ideology embracing one of man’s many mistakes – which is to believe that there are many different ways to ascend towards the Father, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` .  Oprah attacked that the One Way scriptural concept itself is wrong.  One Christian guest shouted, “Jesus is the Way!”, to which Oprah responded (and I paraphrase): ‘what if you are somewhere on a remote part of the earth and never get to hear the name of our Savior?  What if you are a person who lives with a loving heart, as our Savior would have had you to live and for the very purpose He came to earth, and die without ever having heard His name? Does he/she go to hell?’

By saying this, Oprah denied the need for Yâhuwshúa` to ever have come and give up the life of His dirt-body on the cross, making Him irrelevant.

So, several guests attempted to allay every negative opinion against our Savior made by Oprah. The audience’s group of Christians failed miserably, attempting to bargain with Oprah, because they were spiritually naked, not equipped with the Truth, nor empowered with His wisdom, to overcome her lies from satan. The reason for their defeat is simple, Christianity is reprogrammed with disinformation and taught that a properly inspired developed mind is one which accepts as true all what Irenaeus and the Church Fathers approved so as to dismiss recycling as heresy, as they did centuries ago. Such deceived Christians disbelieve in the recycling of the néphesh (“soul”) into new material bodies, also known as “reincarnation” to other religions, because the powers of darkness showed the foolish pastors teaching the error that through teaching ‘one life to live’, they could increase their material profits and gains through extortion of joining them or dying and going to hell forever.

Those other religions using the term “reincarnation” are unaware of or deny the resurrection into His new and different kind of pure flesh bodies. Therefore, because of reincarnation’s association to pagan religions, to some Christians, it becomes an alien, pagan, foreign-sounding heresy, which they view with horror if not alarm. They cannot accept its existence without renouncing their faith in what the canon says, and risk being ostracized by their flocks, because it’s smeared due to its association with Hinduism and other oriental religions, which openly embrace this concept which spread to other parts of Asia.

Since reincarnation as a term does not specify what kind of flesh a néphesh (“soul”) reenters, we find it inadequate, so we use the term recycling when reentering material corruptible flesh, and resurrecting when entering the spiritual, incorruptible pure flesh new body He gives us. Recycling inherently means returning as the same material, and the neologism spares us having to explain and disclaim those thinking it originated from paganism.

   How Did this Bit of Truth get to Asia?

Would it surprise you to learn that our Savior Yâhuwshúa` discussed reincarnation openly with His pupils? These very pupils were sent off as His delegates (“apostles”), and it was these who also traveled to Asia carrying our Savior’s teachings to our blind brothers there.  After their teachings became diluted by satan, they still kept various concepts, albeit Headless; one such lesson is of us pairing again with our heavenly envoy or twin, “didymos” in Greek, (syzygy in Coptic). in Hebrew, Tâ’ówm, which is where the name “Thomas” evolved, and this re-pairing is which completes us in Him with Wisdom in the marriage chamber, our separate pure place, as a perfect union, but they lost the point and turned this into “tao” or “daoism.” 


Evidently, the same situation occurred in India, undoubtedly.  Since they had learned long ago from Yâhuwshúa`’s delegates that the area behind one’s forehead, between the eyes, is the separate place and the sitting Throne reserved for Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, the adversary excised this teaching, starting with His names, and what remains instead is sporting a “bindi” painted spot on their foreheads to “protect their “third eye,” the false vision source of the evil spirit occupying their separate place.


Believers in Yâhuwshúa` as well as rebels against Him recycle, to continue their work for Him or against Him, respectively.  Once a néphesh is granted the Truth in a capacitated lifetime and obtains Life, they may still recycle, being sent to teach the Truth to others.  This concept also has vestiges left in India’s Hinduism, with the recycling of those ignorant of the Truth described as suffering “samsara," and obtaining this Truth as achieving “nirvana." But that Truth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` was not retained in their teachings.


So to accurately answer Oprah’s question: every néphesh which originated from Yâ-hwéh incarnates through several lifetimes over time and is only able to attain eternal permanence (existence) by correctly acknowledging the Truth, that Yâhuwshúa` is Yâ-hwéh, our Savior, and giving Him the preference (mistranslated as “glory”) during one’s more capable nativity (“generation”) than one’s earlier blotted out lives, wherein he/she may never have heard His name.  But notably, to negate Oprah’s deceit, no one (other than Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`) has ever qualified on their own to fulfill the law (torah) of satan, and all fell short of reaching the Father. One only gets reckoned correct (“righteous”) One Way, through Him, acknowledging and professing Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, a name already expunged also from the establishment’s teachings. But these Truths were not present there among Oprah’s studio audience, much less among her panel.

     The Word Reincarnation/Recycling in Scriptures

The word reincarnation derives from Latin roots re- (prefix), “again and again” (repetition) incarnare, meaning to reenter “flesh.”  Remember, we said it doesn’t specify which kind of flesh. Yet, in fact, “Reincarnation” is a misnomer because the néphesh (“soul”) recycles in a new but similarly corruptible dirt-body but not making the same previous flesh body again.  Therefore, pay no mind to those finding lookalike ancient images resembling current people as evidence of recycling. The only physical resemblance may be in the eyes, the windows to the néphesh (“soul”). 

Because of the ubiquitous acceptance of the term “reincarnation,” some ‘Bible thumpers’ (often KJV enthusiasts) argue that “reincarnation” cannot be true because that particular word is not found in their approved translation, the “Authorized Version.”  That is only true because they have been looking for the wrong word.  The main word to search for in Greek is “ANASTREPHO," found in both Greek post-advent scriptures and Septuagint (LXX) pre-advent scriptures. For those truth-seekers wanting pearls for word searches, here they are:


Anastrepho, Greek Strong’s #390, means to return up, found in lexicons “to turn hither and thither, to turn one’s self about, sojourn dwell in a place” (recycling), and only metaphorically reinterpreted as “to conduct one’s self, behave one’s self, live” in order to conceal its true meaning of recycling in establishment translations of scripture.  But wasn’t scripture first in Hebrew? Looking at what Hebrew words they translated as anastrepho, we relevantly find Hebrew Strong’s #02015 hâphákh, meaning also “to turn about, turn around, to change, transform, and in the hithpael conjugation, “to transform oneself, to turn this way and that, turn every way."  We also find anastrepho translates Hebrew Strong’s #03318 yâtsâ´’, to be brought out/forth, to go or come out or forth, to come or go forth, to come out of.  Also translated as anastrepho, we find #06213 `âsâ´h to work, #06437 pânâ´h to turn, be turned back, #07725 shuwv to return, come back, to bring back, cause to return, and #0813 shânâ´h to change, alter, to be repeated, to disguise oneself; all relevant to recycling.


But if you look up these instances, you will find them all mistranslated in the establishment’s approved Authorized Version(s).

Scriptural references to recycling of the néphesh (“soul”) are quite common in the pre-advent scriptures before Yâhuwshúa`’s ministry and post-advent scriptures. When retranslated correctly, they appear to mention recycling without much ado or fanfare, as though it had been a well-known and accepted belief.  The book of Dâ´niyyË´’l and YchezqË´’l refers to recycling and the same specific people reappearing at vastly different times.  The scroll of Bârúwkh also discusses Bârúwkh’s ‘returning’ to live in these end-times along with other Yâhuwshúa`-believers. Proper scripture translations of other scriptures of Páulus (“Paul”) reveal that people hearing him had trouble believing in Páulus’ preaching of the Resurrection (returning to live in new different pure flesh bodies) because they already thought they return anew in a newborn (returning to live in new different corruptible flesh bodies).  (Source quote Theókleia & the ankh Egyptians and their monks found in philliposiym 3:17-19)

          So, Who/What Orchestrated this Massive Cover-up?

The central business agenda of the establishment’s conservative Church Fathers and other religious authorities was to prefer higher numbers of followers for greater profits, being guided by evil dark agencies of satan, who placed them in official positions of authority over the believers in Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. They happen to be those nepheshes who have not accepted the Truth, recycling to continue their work against Yâhuwshúa`.  Their aim has always been to choose what doctrines they can stretch or alter to fit their agendas and block and smear whatever appears threatening to them in the various scriptures and, more recently, in numerous resurfaced Gnostic frameworks, to mistranslate them using their approved scholars to publicly ostracize and excommunicate everyone and blacklist everything they believe to be morally inexcusable in their eyes. 


In this way, good, significant, and revelatory texts inspired by Yâhuwshúa` were very much and often lumped together with satanic writings and labeled as PSEUDO (false/fake) uninspired heresy and thereby anathema (kept separate/cursed). Their strange consensus that there cannot be any more Yâhuwshúa`-inspired books of glad tidings than four in number is from Irenaeus, one of the so-called “church fathers”, because he saw there are four winds, and four directions; so they thought it should be fitting to ban other inspired books of glad tidings; this served their purposes by eliminating many books condemning them.

                The Author’s Personal Experience

Until the summer of 2005 RD (roman dates), I had never investigated recycling ("reincarnation"), and the few ideas I had about it were shaped mainly by disparaging comments and attitudes I had occasionally encountered from the Christian community. However, I was always drawn to this topic because from my very early childhood, I had a recurring nightmare: 

I was standing on a barren white land surrounded by other people; some wore long dresses and headdresses similar to mine. Not far in the distance, Romans were approaching us.  The atmosphere was in a panic, and there was yelling and screaming, and suddenly, my knees collapsed, and my head rolled away from my body (which I saw headless) beside other dead bodies on the ground. My eyelids did not close immediately nor blink, but I managed to keep them fixated on the scene of the last few seconds of that past life in which I lived. The Roman soldiers (with their leather Caligula sandals) waving their swords in the air as they proceeded forward, stomping on corpses and murdering us, were the last thing I saw.

​I dedicate much time searching the museum database for images depicting the women's headdresses in my recurring dream, and the generated results are up to the 14th Century. I have concluded that I am a recycled 1st Century believer of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

Like myself, others recall past lives during their subsequent childhoods, found in all cultures worldwide.

      The Dangers of Keeping us Ignorant of Our Previous Lives

Scriptural/spiritual lack of knowledge, which is unintentional, is ignorance, whereas when it is intentional, it is rebellion. Lack of spiritual information (nescience) about our previous lives is one such ignorance that is not only dangerous to one’s néphesh (“soul”) but also makes us spiritually naked (undefended), making us thus vulnerable, empowering dark agencies to exploit it inserting their misinformation and threats – and this ploy is intentional, and this strategy is widespread everywhere. 

It is in every Truth-seekers’ interest to research the translations of various scriptures, canonical and noncanonical, as one needs no proficiency in Greek or Hebrew to uncover revealing hidden messages in scriptures that go against the establishment’s traditional doctrines. But to do so correctly, one needs His guidance, acknowledging Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` by name, and making use of a good concordance, Scripture dictionary, and even individual historical records by live observers such as Bârúwkh (“Baruch”), Nóach, and Josephus.  Learning what scriptures really say recovers the knowledge lost by unscrupulous alterations of scripture and prevents our exploitation by the forces of darkness.

The scripture canon teaches that a man’s néphesh is in a state of pilgrimage and that the dirt-body it inhabits is NOT its correct dwelling place but a temporary place of sojourn, which implies that its true home is beyond this material plane (cosmos).  Although it says that at physical death, the néphesh (“soul”) goes to sh’ówl, the dirt-body to the earth (dirt), and the spirit returns to the Father, but we are not from sh’owl, that is not our home. Therefore, we from Him must somehow leave it to return to the First, even if we did not learn His name during a lifetime.  Why would they allow such questions to remain in our bibles?  Why SO few?  Some of the lights stolen by satan are still within his corps (spiritual body), not emerging yet, so Oprah proposes they must be emerging out through some other way than our Savior, during only their first lifetime. She does not know or hides that she knows that Satan buries our néphesh (“soul”) again and again, embedded for a lifetime again in a flesh-and-blood vessel, an animal body, a temporary habitation, to be granted another opportunity to learn the Truth from our previous mistakes.  But his demons perpetuate our slavery giving us the handicap of losing our memory of our past lives and experiences by giving us a cup of forgetfulness that blots the memories of our earlier life; However, our néphesh - which is not part of the brain - has a blueprint that exists after death and contains within itself the mental and moral quality which is displayed as "character" and the essence of our true self (being). 

All these things are found in inspired scriptures, and finding this out can prevent the tragedy of dying without the Truth to recycle still ignorant of the Truth because life living within Him is so much better. 


Please click on this link to review our findings to some poorly translated scriptures in the canon, now accurately translated, demonstrating recycling.

             Suppression of the Knowledge of the Recycling of the Néphesh

Pride associated with knowing anything is most active in people who know the least, especially with regard to the things of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.  The pride about knowledge among the educated of this world, whether self-educated or formally educated, is based on collected heaps of material facts rather than by accepting His understanding of how the immaterial world affects people’s néphesh, found in scriptures. The “church fathers” were proud like their father, satan, and worked to suppress this knowledge of recycling, making the sources used in education only contain their teachings, so this pride would continue the work of suppressing the Truth.

A false understanding many proud religious recycling-deniers promote is their belief that a néphesh is just the life of our dirt-bodies, and ‘what you see is all there is,' when, in fact, the dirt-body is not the real self but a mere temporary covering for the néphesh.  According to them, when one dies, that’s their end; sh’ówl to them is the grave, nothing more – this is a Jehovah’s witness and SDA false doctrine.  The néphesh is a spiritual seed, not material, and not even the same shape as the dirt-body and is the thing that recycles.  Confusion arises because the ‘fiery one,' the flesh’s néphesh, which is an emanation of the adversary, is sometimes mentioned in scriptures, giving another meaning to néphesh as being one’s carnal (sexual) appetites. That néphesh dies with the death of the dirt-body.

Proud materially scientific recycling-deniers claim that the thousands of recycled-néphesh cases generally do not stand up to their examination but are explicable in terms of natural causes such as genetics, repressed memory, and even lying has been suggested.  Certainly, one can think of many other issues about which the authorities deny the truth despite mountains of evidence. Recycling-deniers, in their denials, have even attributed these facts to the work of occult powers.  Notwithstanding the scientific evidence to the contrary, many recycling-deniers disagree with it because it is laborious to change to believe in these concepts without having the memory of a personal experience.  A personal memory, we believe, adds much to contribute to one’s intellectual understanding to obtain a spiritual belief. 

      Church History of Suppressing the Concept of Recycling

Now a quick look at some vitally important “church” history, which contributed to the suppression of the concept of recycling, and then at what accurately translated scriptures tell us concerning the subject.

In short, the truth about the recycling of the néphesh/past lives was generally acknowledged in the Judaism of old testament times (except among the Tsathuwqíym (“Sadducees”), who didn’t accept His resurrection or any transmutation of the “soul”) was known by believers in Yâhuwshúa`.  But in 553 B.C., a focal point and exceptionally unpleasant incident transpired, which buried the truth (more about that below).

The establishment’s interpretation of scriptures depends on biased standards they forced on the content, not on sound standards of scriptural understanding, of having the Mind of the Anointed, and making an accurate translation.  The current establishment’s interpretation results from a centuries-long perpetuation of an illegal Church council's ruling, dating from 553 A.D., that reincarnation was not to be a part of the Church’s dogma because Origen was excommunicated for widely reteaching this.  Very few people know about this bit of history; fewer still know the background of this decision or that Origen had been reckoned a “church father” before that.

Specifically, “The Roman Emperor Constantine married his way into power. His wife mysteriously disappeared. His second wife was his ticket to the throne. Then he had her killed. His third wife was a prostitute who had risen to the throne in the same diabolical ways Constantine had and who lived to have a devastating effect on the belief in reincarnation. She feared [sic (because her fear)] that her sins would follow from lifetime to lifetime infuriated her. She did not like the idea of karma. Her life was filled with lies and treachery. She was not interested in advocated [sic (advocating)] any religion that would demote her in another life. Thus, she persuaded Emperor Constantine to remove reincarnation from Christianity.”  (source:

The prostitute turned empress and her various ecclesiastical henchmen engineered this action, who imprisoned the elderly then-pope (when he refused to summon the council) and therefore sent him for six months to a forced labor camp until he agreed to sign the rulings of the unlawful council.  It was also at that time that nearly all of Origen's famous writings, a "Church Father" who wrote (among other things) about the truth of recycling of néphesh (“reincarnation”), aka “transmutation,” were collected and systematically burned. We became aware of his doctrines only because of a few remaining manuscripts, plus many references to his work in other "Church Fathers" texts.

The idea that a néphesh would go through many lifetimes, recycling, on a journey towards a possible relationship with Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` to arrive at a final decision and return to Oneness with the Most High was only too dangerous to the power-hungry empress’ schemes to be permitted.  And so, we were all victimized to become ignorant of this by the sordid history of the Church, including the corruption and oppression caused by the Roman Catholic Church, by their suppression of anything Hebrew and their non-Hebrew cultures and traditions.

Many recycling-deniers would argue that the primary purpose of the Fifth Ecumenical Council of Constantinople (held in 553 A.D.) was to ease the tensions in the Church caused by the Council of Chalcedon 100 years prior to that; however, the council had convened to discuss the subject of transmutation of the néphesh (“soul”): recycling.  Please, read THE ANATHEMATISMS OF THE EMPEROR JUSTINIAN AGAINST ORIGEN. (1): Number II. here:


We defer to "The Formation of the New Testament Canon" by Richard Carrier (2000), visible at


Carrier's research paper highlights the political schisms within the early (post-apostolic) Church that warred over what was sound doctrine and what allegedly wasn't, and it exposes the lack of objectivity used to choose which books made it into the Bible and which ones didn't, and it records how the evolving Roman Catholic Church mainly determined what books the Bible we now have would contain.

  Church History of Suppressing the Concept of Recycling

One common reason that Christians disagree is due to the doctrine of the alleged flawlessness of their Bible. This is something which was also drilled into me for decades; however, the massive alterations, the poor translations, and the enormous omissions of what they did not desire to include in it, make it clear that it’s not THEIR translation of the Bible which is the inspired scripture without error that we cannot deny, rather, those are the originals prior to all the changes they made. And subsequently, they base their false teachings upon bad translations and alterations made to support their false teachings, and Truth gets denied.

The popular protest raised by Bible-believing Christians to the idea of “reincarnation” (recycling) is based on one verse, and one verse alone:  KJV Hebrews 9:27.  KJV Hebrews 9: 27 has long been a Christian traditionalist mainstay to defend their belief system of having only one life to live, but to choose their eternal destiny of heaven or hell.  They even claim that Yâhuwshúa` spoke against recycling of the néphesh in “John 8:23” and that supposedly 1 “Corinthians” 15:47 supports that claim.  Tragically, as with many other verses within their corrupted scriptures, over-reliance on its alleged flawlessness has influenced scholars’ interpretations and has concealed to them what this verse really says, so even other translations of this scripture echoes their mistakes, whether in the KJV, NIV, NASV, or any other of the central English translations.  And usually, it’s quoted out of context to be even more misleading, as:

      27. And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Surely if this were a flawless rendition, recycling would be debunked, yet even their canon contains several accounts of people who died once and were resurrected in the same body, dying later again physically generally, so the “once” term is wrong; and the néphesh that inhabited both the dirt-bodies of ‘’ËliyYâ´huw (“Elijah”), and Yâhuwchânân the Immerser (“John the Baptist”) was in these two separate vessels as recorded in scripture, without a “judgment” after it either, so this alone should define with certainty that Hebrews 9:27 is yet another mistranslated verse.  Any interpreter will vouch that it’s impossible to translate something the interpreter does not understand, so we see in the context of Hebrews 9:27 many concepts their translators had not known, due to their self-imposed ignorance of many scriptural truths, so they could not understand it to translate it correctly.

Yet, in short, here is how Hebrews 9:27, in context, should be translated, and for a study giving a thorough explanation with evidence of why this is a correct translation, see this link.

                                                                   To the `Ivríym

Chapter 9

24.  Because not into handmade “pure places” did He Who the Anointed One enter into, counterparts of the ones of the true ones; rather, into the same one the One heaven now, to manifest Himself with the One, with the external appearance of the One of the Power on behalf of us,

     25.  but not in order that frequently He should bring Himself, as however much he who the high priest enters into the one “pure places” yearly within, with the bloodshed belonging to another; [~sâţâ´n]

     26.  since then it would have necessary for Him frequently to suffer from the founding of the cosmos (material universe).  But now, once only, over the completion of the Ones of the eternal ones, for the abolition of the error [~sâţâ´n], by means of the one’s [~the error’s (sâţâ´n/Yehuwthâ´h)] slaughter of the same One, He has been made manifest,

      27.  and according to how many He reserves for Himself: [~He manifests] to the ones belonging to the sons of the dirt-man (’âthâ´m) [~not servants of the name (1 Moshéh 3: 20)], once only, to die off, but amidst this thing, [is] the separation/selection [~144,000] [~at Sixth Seal]

       28.  thus [is] also he [~of the selection] the anointed One, once only, having been brought to Him, for the One ‘to carry up the errors of the many ones’ outside [~outside Yisrâ’ë´ltimes of the witnesses].  Of the second time, separated apart of the error He shall be seen, belonging to the ones [being] Him, the ones being patiently waited for, for the deliverance.

      The Mishandling of Recycling in the Hands of Pseudoscience

Those fascinated by the material world and studying it to know how material works are called scientists. Yet many fields of material science are notoriously unreliable because they contain much influence from the spiritual dimension, of which material scientists deny the existence of a spiritual world. In psychology and psychiatry, this is so bad that even the materially-minded laugh at its unreliability, so we call the material study of spiritual things pseudoscience.

Yet there are now growing numbers of extraordinarily reputable and scientific research investigations documenting past lives being conducted by some of the world's top psychologists and psychiatrists, particularly with the memories of the experiences of children’s previous lives. But these material scientists fail to know the spiritual facts about why this happens because of its suppression by this world’s Christian religious authorities.

The late physician Dr. Ian Stevenson, department head at the University of Virginia for four decades, and psychologist Dr. Brian Weiss and now by Jim B. Tucker together have identified more than 2500 cases which consist of children whose memories, specific knowledge, habits behaviors match those of particular individuals who were dead before the children were born. Many of the children had unique birthmarks, scars, or congenital defects that mimic wounds, in the exact location, on the bodies of the deceased individual.  

Many people ascertain having lived before their current life; these recollections are referred to as the return of the “soul” recycling, not as reincarnation.  Some illnesses, physical deformities, and symptoms are encoded in our minds.  Dr. Stevenson refers to his book “Reincarnation and Biology,” a case of a youngster who had disturbing graphic memories from a previous life.  The young man had developed rope marks in the area where he suffered an injury in an earlier life. If a person’s mind can cause physical marks to appear on his or her dirt-body, recollections of a previous existence manifest with imprints on the present body, said Dr. Stevenson. Various birthmarks appear to identify with traumatic experiences in past lives—and these recollections blur as the memories fade.

It is a reality that unless one begins to manage aberration built up in past lives, one will not progress in The Way. However, Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` urges us to “know the self” and gives us the tools through Him to handle upsets and aberrations from past lives that adversely affect one’s self in the present (life), thus freeing one to live a much happier material existence in Him.

In the case of the author, this is the birthmark evidencing the fatal wound in my previous life, described above

external jugular vein and carotid artery

There is also a notable four-part video series on documenting the incredible tale of Louisiana's little James Leininger — through thorough interviews with his parents; his dad was a skeptic from the beginning but was persuaded after comprehensive studies; James' mom makes a remark to indicate they are likely Christians. You can download the case of The Case of James Leininger, documented by the University of Virginia.

Dr. Paul Von Ward, in his article on the “genome,” writes that when a person can master a skill or an art at a very young age, he or she has acquired these skills over various life cycles and might begin to exhibit these extraordinary ideas, skills, or interests at a very young age, without prior experience (in that current life).  The most frequent answer is “savant’ or “prodigy” — while this provides a label, it does not offer an explanation.  Many prodigies have a fragile nature, sometimes, their knowledge and skills coexist with a mental (spiritual) disability.

                 The Erasure of Past-Life Memories

As mentioned earlier, it is written in inspired scriptures "codices" that our previous life’s memories are erased by the rulers/archons/demons (aka “extraterrestrials/aliens”) of this material region.  This is what happens after one's physical death (and the number one reason for their fear of death):  Once the non-acknowledging néphesh exits the dirt-body, it arises spiritually naked;  successively, the receivers of god[-ariēl], come and lead the néphesh out of the body and, depending on the chastisement, spend three days touring with it, along with its counterfeit spirit which accuses it, into all the regions to which that néphesh has traveled. Thereafter, that néphesh is taken down to Sh’ówl before Yaldabosheth (“spawn of shame”) to receive its beating with fiery (underworld's electrical-) whips. Afterward, that néphesh (“soul”) is given the cup of forgetfulness, filled with all the different desires and all forgetfulness, and straightaway, when the néphesh drinks out of the cup, it forgets all the regions (past-lives) which it has traveled and forgets all of the chastisements which it has experienced.  Then the cup of forgetfulness becomes a body outside the néphesh, and it creates the fiery component, which resembles the néphesh in all its figures and makes itself become like it, which is what is called the counterfeit spirit.  Finally, that néphesh is cast into the regions of the sphere, being thrust in a dirt-body to recycle. Inspired by The Second Book of the Savior “Pistis Sophia," A George Horner Literal Translation


Within our self/nephesh we have all of our stored data as an open access journal, and it performs only familiar things to itself and does not stray from its character.  In Sh’ówl, the nephesh vows never to err again, but after drinking the wine of forgetfulness, she is bound to a vicious cycle, continuing to eventually repeat her sins because she has drunk and has forgotten all her errors.

           The End of Recycling – Obtaining the Resurrection

Do not expect, therefore, the carnal resurrection, which is destruction; and they are not stripped of it (the flesh) who err in expecting a resurrection that is empty.” - The Dialogue of the Savior


"People who say they will first die and then arise [“resurrect”] are wrong. If they do not receive the Resurrection [Garment of Light] first, while they are [materially] alive, they will receive nothing when they die [arise naked].  So, it is said of [His] anointing, “Great is the anointing,” for if people receive it (Him), they will live." – Glad Tidings of Phílippos

A Néphesh Arising (spiritually) Naked


Garment, Man of Light, Little One, Envoy, Resurrection, etc., are a few of the terms used for our Spirit Companion in Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. At the last Trumpet, being in our Garment of Light, we will become invisible and consume corruptibility, and even archon demons would not be able to apprehend us.  It is written that the chosen ones (“elect”) have already received the Resurrection, and as the delegate said of Him, we suffered with Him, arose with Him, and ascended with Him.  Since we currently are visibly present in this world, we are wearing the garment (dirt-body) of the world.  But as Phílippos writes, we “are in this world, it is fitting for us to acquire the Resurrection (now), so that when we strip off the flesh, we may be found in Rest and not walk (be found naked) in the middle.”  If we do, from the Savior, we radiate His Light like streams of Light and are sustained by Him until our material death in this cosmos; This is the resurrection of the spirit, which swallows up the resurrection of the flesh.


All living beings contain within their 'self' something so unique and so distinctive to an individual identity, visible in the totalities of qualities that make such a person become unlike anyone else in the world, and that is their collective character - intelligence (“archon-knowledge”), temper, beliefs, etc., is what distinguishes a person from another.   Our collective character (within) is contained inside our spiritual self/nephesh.


So, suppose when making a decision about Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, a person changes their mind and turns away (“repents”) from following after evil four-winds and the works of darkness when this same person suffers a material death. In that case, this person is bound to recycle again, acknowledging Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` in their life.  Suppose a person dies without being called to accept Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`. In that case, this nephesh is bound to recycle from Sh’owl having the same mindset ('collective character') it had before, UNTIL Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` calls on it, during whatever capable nativity it has been thrust into a dirt body.



Nevertheless, when a néphesh comes to exist acknowledging Him, the spirit of Truth, our Envoy Companion, is the One Who acts as our external-hard drive bringing up things from our antiquities (past lives) to our present memories when we need them because we cannot accomplish such massive tasks from our own accord without Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` , while sojourning in the matrix (matter/mother/material) world – which is a place of forgetfulness.  Otherwise, a person who stores terrible behavioral patterns, such as the ways of Çthom (“Sodom”), in their nephesh before finding out the Truth is bound to repeat the same mistakes from a previous life over and over again.


The natural END of recycling into corruptible dirt-bodies (the empty carnal resurrection of the rebirth into corruptible flesh) is our resurrection into incorruptible pure flesh spiritual bodies, which for most will occur after the death of the physical dirt-body. However, some will be transformed into it in the blink of an eye.  Certainly, none of us will die or recycle after that.  But believers in the Truth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` from the past generations have been recycling still. They are all going to be among us during these end times. They will be the 144,000 witnesses after the separation of the living from the dead, at the 6th seal, when while remaining still in mortal physical carnal bodies without their fiery ones, these will be His witnesses as sealed sons of Yâ-hwéh.  That is the last lifetime these live in corruptible flesh, and these will ingest (convert) the heathen masses predicating 1260 days as being His witnesses.  Then they and their sealed converts are killed, and after 3 ½ days, they will be resurrected and called up to Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.

A Néphesh Arising (spiritually) Naked

          Exposé – Warning Against Hypnosis

Some believers in Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` reading this will legitimately desire to know who they were in previous lives, because their néphesh forgot, due to the cup of forgetfulness given by the demons before they recycled. If you are one of these, please understand that though your néphesh forgot, your twin, your envoy “little One” did not forget, and He retains all those memories. So, the proper way to recall is to supplicate Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` through prayer for these to be told to you, and that will be reliable.

It is an improper way and unreliable to utilize hypnosis to recollect such information because hypnosis is mediated by the evil spirits which are riders of the person hypnotized, and though some information may be true, it will contain deception due to the source, and misinformation. One should not meddle therefore with this mode of paranormal/supernatural information inquiry, which voluntarily deepens the néphesh’s imprisonment to its cohabiting evil spirits.

Therefore, we believe hypnosis is never a useful tool, we deplore the commercial exploitation and misleading claims that are often made for it. A large part of what emerges under hypnosis is archon-led.  We also discourage consultations with psychics, gurus, spiritual mediums or teachers, savants or any persons who claim to have the ability to help assist one in remembering one’s previous lives. 

And every eye will see Him, even those recycled-ones who pierced Him!


Enforced ignorance perpetuates the power of darkness.  Satan, the lord of death, uses the silence of the dead to try to maximize the darkness. But the loss of knowledge through death and the forgetfulness of recycling has not been the only way the demons have tried to keep the children of Light from emerging. Their servants tried to erase even this recycling phenomenon from common knowledge. 


Knowledge of Truth makes us invulnerable to being deceived, and our sharing this information can capacitate you to overcome the demons’ ploys to perpetuate their slavery of mankind, keeping us ignorant of the Truth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` which sets us free and overcomes them in every way.  Their cup of forgetfulness and their establishment’s alterations of scripture, book burning, persecutions, and slaughters will not work against the Truth in this end-time generation, the Truth they sought to be kept hidden will be shouted from the rooftops. 


The children of the Light are all emerging again, recycling, to survive to accomplish a mission converting millions, while the worst of the worst have been recycling to continue to work the Transgression.  Recycling is not our hope, Yâhuwshúa` our Resurrection is our Hope.  Time (satan & measured time) comes to an end, and immortality ends death and recycling, and Yâ-hwéh will have made all of His own come to exist, permanently.  But in the meantime, during the preceding thousands of years, recycling has given people second chances at hearing this Truth of Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`.  May Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` continue to be praised always and forever.

your brothers in Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`

Disclaimer: We do not support the use of name-substitutes for Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` nor any false doctrines contained in the references below; however, we do recognize these authors as sincere truth-seekers whom He has led to do good work and much research, helpful to expose the works of sâţâ´n keeping truths hidden. Our hope is Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` leads the ones in Truth.

Helpful Sources & Links Dedicated to the Reconciliation Between Recycling and Christianity

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He is The Way for those who strayed, He is Knowledge for those who were ignorant, He is the Treasure for those who sought Him, He is Support for those who tremble, He is Purity for those who were defiled. He is the Light for the those in darkness, He is Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa`, our Redeemer, First-Love, Brother, and True friend. Yâhú!

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