Glossary for Understanding Gnostic Scriptures Codices

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Achamoth Chokmâh  – (חָכְמָה ,חכמה ISO 259 ḥoḵmah or khok-maw') is the Biblical Hebrew word rendered as "wisdom" in English Bible versions (LXX σοφία sophia) - The codices describe an upper and lower Sophia.   See Sophia

– The lower Sophia is called ‘death’ “Achamoth” in Hebrew.
– According to “The First Disclosure of Yaaqóv , achamoth’s (death) mother is: “Sophia (…) is the mother of Achamoth.” (First Apocalypse of James)
– All beings in the upper aeons (eternal beings) are androgynous envoys “angels” (i.e. both containing the Father and the Mother – see androgyne), except Achamoth (death), who is female from a female: “Achamoth (…) is female from a female.” (First Revelation of Yaaqóv)
– Ptolemy writings reveal that Sophia suffered because she attempted to know the entirety of the Father.  That by stretching herself outward, until she produced ‘the limit’ (horu/os) since the Father cannot be known in His entirety, Sophia in her passion accidentally produced ‘desire’, which fell outside the limit.  Although Sophia was restored to the Fullness (the dimension of Light), ‘desire’ became ‘death’ “Achamoth” (foolish wisdom), the Sophia fallen to the lower aeons.
– Death “Achamoth” came forth from Sophia: “When the Desire of the Sophia above, also called Achamoth, had been banished from the Pleroma above, by necessity she was cast with her passion in places of Shadow and the Void.” (Ptolemy from Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses)
– Death is ‘female from female’: “Since Sophia had undertaken an impossible and unattainable task, she brought forth (…Achamoth…) a thing such as (only) a female by herself can bear.” (Ptolemy from Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses)
– According to The First Revelation of Yaaqóv, Achamoth (Sophia) produced Yaltabaoth Yaldabosheth (Hebrew, which means spawn of shame,) and the Archons without intercourse from the Father: “the Pre-existent One did not have intercourse with her (Achamoth), when she produced them (the Archons).” (First Apocalypse of James)
– Achamoth (Sophia) did not have the consent of her consort, Christ, when she created Yaltabaoth: “She (Achamoth) produced you without a male, since she was alone (and) in ignorance as to what lives through her mother because she thought that she alone existed.” (First Apocalypse of James)
– By creating alone, Achamoth (Sophia) produced a faulted being, Yaltabaoth, who was responsible for the material world, the Archons, and Adam and Eve.